Circly brings grannies, grandpas and even toddlers together using video chat.

User experiences with Circly

“It’s wonderful to see family and friends on a daily basis. Easy to use with only two buttons and no complicated things.””
Ella, 85 years.
“Such an easy way to get grandma and our toddler to keep in touch with each other. And I also get to check up on grandma.”
Olivia, 34 years.
“Fun to chat with grandma.”
Alice, 2 years.

It is easy to start using Circly

Create your own private Circly and invite your loved ones to join. Send invitations via automated email and SMS, or create an Assisted Account when needed. All your Circly members get to video chat with each others. Usernames and passwords are not needed at all!

Circly is handy and simple to use

Meet friends and family anywhere. Spend time together, check up on each other and even bring granny home to “babysit”!

Circly is suitable for everyone regardless of your age or technical abilities. Big buttons suitable for toddlers as well as elders. Circly brings video chat to people who can’t or don’t want to use Skype or regular computers.